Customer Testimonials

We just love the photo DVD slideshows created here at Lasting Memories DVD. But don't just take our word for it!

What do our customers have to say about Lasting Memories DVD?

Customer Testimonials

"Did you ever nail the mood for the music! Thank you so much for everything you have done to help make Mom's 80th birthday special. The surprise party was just family (children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren).... and the DVD was the highlight of the evening. I am keeping your number and website in my file for future use. Now that I know how easy this process is, I can think of tons of uses!

Mom enjoyed it SO much, and the music was just perfect for each section. She couldn't believe that such a gift was possible, and has watched it several times already. This morning she called to tell me that she has invited a couple of her friends over to watch it today! We all laughed, cried, laughed..... with four generations there, you can imagine the stories told with each picture!"

- Joy M.    Kansas

"My family really enjoyed the slideshow that Lasting Memories DVD created, it was the perfect graduation gift for my son. I have had many great compliments on how well the pictures were put together! Thank You for the beautiful memory DVD. I wish you much success!"

- Michelle M.    Independence, Missouri

"My parents LOVED the show! My dad is very non-emotional, and he wanted to watch it twice, and hugged me when it was over! My mother cried all through it! And my nieces and nephews loved it because they had never seen many of the pics of my mom and dad, and didnít get to know their great grandparents before they passed away. It was one of the most worthwhile things we have ever done! Thank you again!!"

- Lisa B.    Missouri

"We ALL LOVED the DVD!!! My Dad told my Mom later that evening that other than my husband and I giving them the 3 boys, that the DVD was the best gift they have ever received!!!!

I kept telling them that it was the best gift ever!!! I wonder what I will do next year! You have such a talent!! I have passed your web site around to many people, and so has my mother. I hope that more buisness comes your way...hopefully not last minute people such as myself :)"

- Cortni L.    Missouri

"What a great job you did on our collection of memories to a DVD. The music was so appropriate. A wonderful gift for any occasion."

- George and Ann T.    Missouri

"We had our daughter's graduation party on Thursday, May 25th, and showed the DVD you made for us. The DVD is wonderful! There was not a dry eye in the place! Thanks for making this such a special day for her, and us with such a wonderful photo show presentation. Expect to have some new customers contacting you soon."

- Kathy P.    North Carolina

"I volunteered in Ecuador for 3 months teaching English, and then did some traveling. Throughout my journey I sent back pictures to my friends. What I didn't know was that one of my friends was keeping all my pictures and then sent them to Lasting Memories DVD.

On the date of my arrival I got to see all my friends and family that I had missed so much. One of them told me that we need to watch this DVD. I had no idea! It was amazing. It summed up my trip so well! I was so happy to be back home, and now I get to take this great DVD with me show all my friends and family what I did down in South America! It's amazing! Thanks!"

- Krista G.    Kansas City, MO

"Thanks for the wonderful DVD you prepared for my sister and our family. When we shared the DVD with her it was a very emotional moment. You were very prompt in your delivery of the DVD too, especially with the short notice we gave you. I will pass on the good words to others. I also enjoyed the additional picture DVD you gave us. Thanks again for helping us with our joyous occasion."

- Danielle S.    Overland Park, KS

"What a beautiful way to save a memory of this child! It gave such a peaceful memory for his family. Many of the nurses had tears while watching and listening. The music fit their situation and gave a very calming feeling. The mother sends her thanks and says that she appreciates what had been done and that whenever she starts to feel blue about the baby, she puts in the DVD and can remember.

We are all very appreciative, thanks given for the effort put into the keepsake!"

- NICU Nursing Staff    Kansas City, MO

"Lasting Memories created an awesome DVD slide show for my sister's 40th birthday. It was a beautiful way to display all the memories of my sister with our family. Lasting Memories did an awesome job of making the pictures come to life with the music. I would highly recommend Lasting Memories DVD!"

- Annie A.    Overland Park, KS

"What an excellent addition to our retirement celebration! The DVD playing in the background during the meal was a big hit. Your music choices were perfect - I appreciated not having to come up with them myself!"

- Inspector Osborne    Kansas

"My granddaughter, Teddie, was given a gift of a hot air balloon ride with her Daddy, Ray. It was a once in a lifetime event that meant a lot to both of them. So, for a birthday surprise I had Lasting Memories make a DVD of all the pictures that we had taken and set them to music for Rayís birthday. Teddie picked the music, a song titled, "Wind Beneath My Wings" and it brings everyone to tears that watches the video. You did a wonderful job and created a unique birthday gift that will never be forgotten. It will be a lasting memory!"

- Hazel C.    Indiana

"Our grand daughter presented her grandfather with a delightful gift. She had requested many pictures that had him in the picture during his life time. This allowed her to choose those that worked best to tell his life's story. As we sat back to enjoy the debut of this DVD, we traveled down memory lane. The music that accompanied the pictures was the "frosting on the cake". The music was very appropriate and brought a tear or two as we relived the many memories. The coverings on the case and the disk even had a picture of "Grandpa Bob" doing what he does best - working on his farm. Thank you for the "gift of love"."

- Bonnie R.    Norborne, MO

"With regards to the video that was made for my Grandma and Papa, there was such anticipation of you making this video for our family. We all gathered our pictures and went through them deciding which ones should go in and which ones wouldn't. I can't speak for the rest of the family but for me, it was such a release of emotions. When we all finally sat down on Christmas Day and watched the DVD, it made me laugh and cry all at the same time. It was so creative and wonderful I couldn't stop the tears of joy. Thank you so much!"

- Janice M.    Liberty, MO

"For my Dad's 80th birthday, my sisters and I wanted to put together a "story of his life". The only problem was trying to find someone who would work with slides as well as old photographs. Lasting Memories DVD not only worked with both, but restored the photographs and enhanced the color in the slides so they looked perfect in the show. It was no problem making changes to the video even up to the last minute, and they even found all the music and exactly the versions we wanted. All photos and slides were returned in perfect condition, and my whole family was extremely happy with the final product, especially our Dad. I plan on using Lasting Memories DVD to edit my VHS wedding tape, and make DVD's of all the old family slides. How lucky we feel to have found Lasting Memories DVD."

- Suzanne A.    Kansas City, MO

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