The perfect gift for any occasion!

Maybe you just want to get those photos out of storage, or possibly make a gift for someone special. A Photo DVD Slideshow is a perfect gift because it really gives the personalized touch and shows the recipient how much you really care.

Theme Ideas

Don't see your special occasion listed? No problem!
Lasting Memories DVD can create a special photo dvd slideshow for any occasion!


A Photo DVD Slideshow can be the perfect way to purpose! Make him or her feel really special and surprise them with a slideshow that chronicles your relationship through the years. It can also be a great way to introduce your soon-to-be spouse to each others family and friends.

Wedding Invitations

Be Unique! Send a truly personalized Wedding Invitation to your family and friends; perfect for those out of town guests who don’t know the area. The slideshow could include photos of the Bride and Groom and even give driving directions and maps to each event location.

Rehearsal Dinner/Wedding Reception

Display pictures of the Bride and Groom growing up, from "Diapers to Diamonds". You could play the slideshow once or continuously on a loop during your Rehearsal Dinner or Reception and really give everyone something to talk about. Some couples even choose the show their video during the wedding ceremony!

Wedding Party Gifts

A personalized gift is the best for those special people who share your Wedding Day with you. A custom photo DVD slideshow is the perfect gift. Start with a personalized slideshow displaying pictures of the Bride and Groom and end with a “Thank you for being there with us on our big day!” Or any message you would like to send. We also use a "credits" theme, detailing each members name, picture, and placement in the wedding!

Gift for the Bride and Groom

Don't know what to buy for the new couple? Give them the gift that they will remember and treasure for years to come.



Take the couple back in time. No matter how much time has passed since the wedding day, a personalized photo dvd slideshow using their pictures is sure to please! Use photos from the wedding to the children or even use dating photos.


No matter if it is just another birthday or a major milestone, a Photo DVD Slideshow will make a very thoughtful gift. Show them how much you care!

Baby Books

Many baby books encourage you to include a letter to your child. Either in addition to or instead of a handwritten letter to your child, include a letter in digital format along with photographs. Photos could be of family, favorite toys, baby’s room and home, birth certificate or other mementos. (only objects that can be scanned). You could also make a story of how Mommy and Daddy met, or even of an adoption story.

New Baby

What do you do with all those pictures of the new baby? Turn them into a very touching work of art. Great gift for the new parents, and a wonderful keepsake!

Growing Up

Over the years, there are so many pictures taken. Bring those memories to life with a touching photo DVD Slideshow.

Family Reunion/Events

Bring something for the whole family at your next reunion or get together. Everyone is sure to enjoy the celebration of their family in such an entertaining format.


Mother's Day/Father's Day

Dad doesn't need another tie, and Mom doesn't need any more flowers! Be creative this year and let Mom or Dad know just how special they are. Sure to bring a tear to their eye!

In Memoriam

A Photo DVD Slideshow is a special way to honor your loved one, and keep their memory going strong for generations to come.


Oh, how they have grown! Take a peek into the past and see just how far they have come. Make a personalized gift for the graduate in your life, or even a photo yearbook for the entire class.


Instead of putting those vacation photographs away in box or in a book that just lies around, put them together in a truly entertaining fashion. Bring your photographs to life by adding music and make your vacation photographs something everyone wants to see!

Holiday's/Special Occasions

A photo slideshow is great for any occasion. Give your Valentine a special “I Love You” or surprise your family with a Memories of Christmas Past slideshow. The possibilities are endless.